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Why a specialist, and how do I select the best urologist to perform my varicolelectomy?

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Some urologists have completed specialized training in male infertility (fellowships) and it is recommended that you locate one of these physicians to perform the surgery. After their general urological training ( 5-6 post medical school) some physicians choose to complete additional training in infertility (a fellowship). During their fellowship, they are exposed to large numbers of men with infertility problems and focus on the diagnosis and treatment of these men.

A significant part of the advanced training is spent mastering microsurgery, surgery that is performed under an operating microscope. Facility with this technique enables them to perform the most sophisticated and least invasive surgeries appropriate to varicoceles as well as other male infertility surgeries (e.g. example vas reconstruction).

Additionally, as part of their fellowship these urologist are also trained to understand female infertility and the interface between the two disciplines. Infertility is a couple's issue; physicians treating the couple should understand the medical issues of both parties and work comfortably with the couple and other involved physicians using a team approach.

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